Maron Resur
b. 1979, Bloomington, Indiana
   With two artist parents, I’ve spent my whole life closely linked to the art world. My childhood in the “Kentucky Bottoms” of rural, southern Indiana was spent playing with my parents’ old paints and accompanying my dad as he traveled for exhibitions and shows throughout the eastern United States.
    In 2002, I completed a BFA degree with majors in Drawing and Printmaking, graduating Magna Cum Laude.
   Since college, I have taken up painting due to lack of access to printmaking equipment.  My early paintings were very large scale faces, meant to create an environment in themselves.  I’ve always been drawn to the serial, narrative nature of bookmaking, and has incorporated this into my groupings of paintings.  My work has often elicited a strong emotional response from the viewer, which I credit to the intimacy of painting family and friends, and the humor and pathos that lend humanity and meaning to my work.
    In 2006, I moved to the Seattle area, and began showing my work up and down the west coast.

Please contact me at:  mcresur@gmail.com

A selection of available work:  maronresur.etsy.com

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